All About the Little Everglades Ranch

Little Everglades Ranch is a pioneer ranch establishing the first Santa Gertrudis herd of cattle in Florida. Driving through the ranch you will see hay fields and pastures in which Santa Gertrudis cattle happily graze. This breed was established to function in hot, humid and unfavorable environments. The Santa Gertrudis was developed by crossing Indian Brahman cattle with British Shorthorns and was first introduced to the Little Everglades Ranch from the King Ranch ~ Kingsville, Texas in the year 1941.

The exotic and unique Belted Galloway Cattle are also raised on the ranch. These adorable cattle are black, front and rear, with a wide white “belt” around their middle, resembling an Oreo cookie. Little Everglades ranch is home to the largest herd of Belted Galloways in Florida.

All Florida Wildlife is protected on the ranch, Red Shouldered Hawks, Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, and a variety of cranes soar freely over the tops of the many oak trees, cypress stands, and hay fields. Many bluebird houses are built along the fence posts throughout the ranch in hopes of keeping Little Everglades a sanctuary for them as well. Of course the Sand Hill Crane are a most favorite neighbor with their graceful flight and distinctively haunting call…

The ranch itself is privately owned with many ranch workers, cattlemen, horse trainers, and farm managers living right on the property in beautifully designed ranch homes.

Little Everglades Ranch is also host one of the Tampa Bay area’s largest sponsored outdoor events: The annual Little Everglades Steeplechase, held every March. This event is Florida’s largest Steeplechase with the a net purse of over $95,000. On this beautiful spring day, excitement builds as the ranch shows the 15,000 cheering fans a memorable racing day that offers a carriage parade, Jack Russell Terrier races, hat contests, and a gourmet spread that brings them back year to year!